Washington D.C. Spring 2017

The trip is scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd to Monday, March 26th

This will be the 4th year Northeast Range has traveled to Washington D.C. with Ely High School.  Highlights of past trips include a day trip to Gettysburg National Military Park, The Capital and a visit with our congressional delegation, multiple Smithsonian Museums, Union Station, The National Cathedral, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to see Shear Madness, Washington's Estate at Mount Vernon, and too many other things to keep track of.  Students are able to travel for around $1,000 (with some offset by fundraising), which includes their airfare, transportation to the airport and out in Washington, housing at a 3 star hotel in a safe neighborhood in Washington's suburbs, entrance to all of the tour stops, 2 meals a day, and a set of experienced and knowledgeable teachers and guides.

 We may have extra space available this year for parents or community members interested in attending.  If you have interest or would like more information, please drop me an email.

Fundraisers upcoming include 50/50 raffles at volleyball, football, and basketball games, Village Inn Pie Coupons, Christmas Wreaths, and $5 Raffle Tickets (the prizes are good!).  I'm open to suggestions for other fundraisers to help students offset costs.


Contact: Aaron Donais