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NER Students Lead the Way at the Mesabi Range College Skills Fair

Students at Northeast Range showcased their skills at a fair put on by the Mesabi Range Community and Technical College.  Students participated in a wide variety of events and some students were given awards in their category.  Congratulations to all who participated!

skills fair augustaskills fair abbyskillls fair carley

CGI Math Training Continues

runninghorse CGI kindergarten

Mr. Runninghorse Livingston, Cognitively Guided Instruction Expert and Consultant for the district, has been working with the Elementary Staff all year.  Last Wednesday he worked with Mrs. Meehan’s class to learn about balancing equations.





HOMEWORK HOOPS Staff vs. Student Game

Come one, come all to the game of the year—the NER Elementary will play a basketball game against the elementary staff on Thursday, April 7.  The game will start at 1:30 in the Northeast Range Gymnasium.

Parents and community members are invited to attend.  It should be an exciting afternoon of fun!


Speech Team Wraps Up Another Season!

speech sections

The Nighthawks Speech Team ended the season on a very successful note.  The team competed in the section finals at the Eveleth-Gilbert High School on Saturday, April 5.  The two Dramatic Duo teams consisting of Chloe Kaufenberg and Julia Kraines and Troy Bissonette and Luke Morgan both placed in the top seven teams in the section.  Jessie Thoreson competed in the Drama category as well.  Mrs. Kaufenberg is looking forward to the future and the possibility of another successful season next year!





NER Students Compete at the State Science Fair


state science fair sophie Northeast Range students had the opportunity to compete at the Minnesota State Science Fair last weekend.  Students were able to present their projects and were able to view some excellent  projects that other people had completed.  Thank you to Mrs. Pierce for arranging the trip and taking the students to Minneapolis!  The following students presented their projects at the State Science Fair:

Sophie Lenz: Does Denser Fruit Have More Water?

Taina Koivisto: Erosion

Melissa Nelmark: The Effects of Road Salt on Plants

state science fair troy and brandonTroy Bissonette and Brandon Mackai: Portable Solar Power Water Distillation System

We are proud of all of your accomplishments!


Northeast Range State Testing Schedule

NER SchedulemcaMinnesota students in grades 3, 4, 6, and 7 will be tested this year in the areas of Reading and Math.  Grade 5 and 8 students are testing in the areas of Reading, Math and Science.   Grade 9 students take the Science test.  Students in grade 10 will be testing in both Reading and Science. Grade 11 students are only tested in the area of Reading. At Northeast Range we strive to provide the optimal testing environment for all our students. 



STEM Class Competition

Mrs. Pierce’s grade 7 and 8 STEM class will have a toothpick bridge competition to see which bridge design and structure can hold the most weight.  Students used toothpicks and glue to create the bridge parts.  Good luck to all participants!


STB Stem toothpick bridge!


Grade 1 Students, Opinions, and Sharing: Class Meeting

SOS grade 1 meetingMrs. Makkyla’s grade one students have been focusing on character traits and how to be a good friend and classmate.  With the new program SOS (Students, Opinions, and Sharing) classrooms hold weekly or bi-weekly classroom meetings to discuss issues the students think are important.  Meetings are led by student representatives who bring concerns to Mrs. Engman.  Mrs. Makkyla’s class had a class meeting this week, led by the SOS student representatives, to brainstorm “rules” students could follow to encourage teamwork and friendship in the classroom.  Students shared opinions and generated a list of “norms” they all agreed to follow.  In this process the students are taking ownership of their own behaviors and interactions among classmates and adults.


Grade 6 Flute Project Combines Art and Culture

This year, sixth graders had a variety of different history projects. Several of them were based upon Native American cultures. The sixth graders had started a beading project in early November with the help of Mary Anderson. The flutes were another project that needed the beading for decoration. The fist thing they did was drill holes into the flute, and then they put technical finishing touches onto the flute. After they finished making the flute they made the plastic look a lot more like wood. Finally they finished and put beads and feathers as finishing touches. The flutes were used by the Native Americans by playing songs for many different traditional events. Songs with the flutes were very important to them. Hopefully with a little practice sixth graders and their flutes will be part of the Spring Music Concert.

flutes 1 flutes 2 flutes 3 flutes 4 flutes 5 flutes 6 flutes 8 flutes7

March is Youth Art Month

001 004 005


The fourth grade class is working on landscape paintings.  They generated ideas by using SketchBook X on the Ipads, then painted their ideas using tempera paint.