Nighthawk News! September 12, 2014

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NIghthawk News 9.12.14

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If you are interested in attending Northeast Range School stop by the office for more information.

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Northeast Range Community Theatre Auditions coming soon.

It’s that time of year again fellow Theatre Lovers. Auditions for the Fall production of “Meet the Creeps” will be held on October 13th in the NER Auditorium from 3:20-5:00. If you are goofy, serious, fun loving or just plain bonkers, this is the place for you. Come strut your stuff and be part of a wonderful experience and a terrific program. Anyone interested please sign your name on Mr Kaufenbergs Office door. See all your smiling faces then. GO NIGHTHAWKS!!!!!

Northeast Range Kitchen Crew

photo (15)

  Pictured (from left to right):  Cheryl Nelson, Carla Olson, and Gloria Niebuhr.  

written by Mylea Laulunen

Journalism student at Northeast Range High School

You may know their food, but are you familiar with the faces behind the deliciously nutritious meals that are served to our staff and students? The hard-working chefs of Northeast Range School serve an average of 240 meals each day – always with a smile.  Cheryl Nelson, the head cook, has been working at the school for almost 25 years. She takes care of ordering the food and filling out the necessary paperwork involved in running a food service of this magnitude.  She also does the majority of the cooking.  Carla Olson, the assistant cook, started working as a sub and has enjoyed being a part of the Kitchen Staff at NER for fifteen years.  She complimented, “Cheryl keeps the kitchen running smoothly and properly.”  Gloria Niebuhr, the newest addition to the “Kitchen Crew”, fulfills the role of dishwasher, and hopes to be a part of this “family” for many years to come.

Each of these ladies is quick to agree with Carla Olson when she adds, “I like my job a lot because I get to see the students and staff everyday and serve them healthy foods.”  It is obvious from the smiles and laughter that not only do these ladies enjoy what they do, but they also enjoy the people that they serve.  Thanks to their dedication, the staff and students at Northeast Range can be assured of a well-balanced meal, served with a smile, daily.















Nighthawks Play with Heart

photo (11)

    Written by Sam Deschampe and Sydney Swanson

    Journalism students at Northeast Range High School

             The brave Northeast Range Nighthawks lost more than a regularly scheduled game on Friday, September 5th when they played the South Ridge Panthers.  Earlier that day, the student body was devastated by the news that one of their own had passed away due to injuries sustained in a car accident on Saturday, August 30, 2014.  “Although victory slipped out of our fingers, we played with all of our hearts for Kendra.” Sam Deschampe, senior defense lineman #93, stated. Following the dreadful news, there was the question of whether or not the football game would even persist.  But, despite the thick fog of tears and sadness hanging over the staff and students, they had a better plan than canceling the game.  The student body got together and made colorful posters that read, “Play for Kendra” and hung them on the bleachers. “It was tough for everybody. I think we played well and everything came together.  But it was tough.” Brody Skala, senior safety #33 stated.  Several other teammates were quick to comment that they knew that Kendra was there cheering for them – with her persistent, effervescent smile.

The game wasn’t only about tears of sadness, but shouts of victory were heard, as well. Kyle Durbin, junior quarterback #4, made a touchdown during the first quarter with an interception that put the Nighthawks on the board. Austyn Lind, junior running back #29, made a follow-up touchdown in the fourth quarter.  The touchdowns and cheering fans did much for the morale of the team.  Although the game ended in a loss, the whole town knew that the opponent was more than the physical presence of the South Ridge Panthers.  The determination and heart of the athletes and the student body broke through the fog and helped them rise above the challenges that faced them that day.

The Nighthawks’ coaches and athletes are looking forward to their upcoming games.  Come and show your support as they continue to be a menacing force against teams such as Ely, Little Fork Big Falls, Cherry, Silver Bay, and North Woods.

photo (12)


They’re Divin’ In!

By Savanna Larson

Journalism student at Northeast Range HS

 photo (16)

Even though the Northeast Range -Ely (NRE) swim team has been largely out-numbered by their opponents, the enthusiasm, persistence, and dedication of these athletes are indicators that this team will work diligently to be serious competitors this season.  This has become apparent as the NRE team has challenged swimmers from Mesabi East, Duluth Denfeld, and Chisholm throughout the last three weeks.  Their season-opener, on Thursday, September 4th, 2014, was held at the Northeast Range High School in Babbitt, Minnesota.  Although the NRE swimmers did remarkably well, Mesabi squeaked by NRE for the win.  The next two meets found the team traveling to Duluth and Chisholm.  Although NRE did not come out on top in either of these meets, sophomore Kirsten Zupancich remarked, “Each meet gives us the opportunity to improve on our own “Personal Best” times.  New competitors challenge us to swim faster than we have before.”  And, it is apparent that these swimmers are serious about improving!

The Northeast Range-Ely Swim Team is coached by Rose Spehar and Chelsea Blomberg.  Head coach Spehar noted that, “There were six improvements-from last year- in Personal Best Times from my swimmers in the first meet and sixteen improvements in the second!”  In reflecting on the experience of these first seasonal meets she added, “There are things that we will be working to improve, such as streamlining and returns as well as reacting more quickly at the beginning of each event.”  Although she is confident in her team, coach Spehar notes that an obvious challenge is being out-numbered at meets.  “Our swimmers have to swim more events than the athletes from bigger schools. While this makes them stronger-in the long run – it also means that they may be more tired than their opponents for the events.”  However, as any NRE swimmer will tell you, this swim team has heart!  “Each team member swims their hardest and gives it their all at every meet,” says NRE team member Breeanna Hvezda.

Over the past three weeks, the NRE swimmers have shown promise and a competitive spirit as they continue to finish on top in events such as the 100 and the 50 yard freestyle races, the 100 yard breaststroke, and the 100 yard backstroke. Zupancich points out that “Each of us is working hard to improve ourselves.  When we concentrate on that, the successes continue to come our way!”

A large number of supportive fans have filled the bleachers for the meets, and the pool area has been electric with shouts of encouragement from fellow swimmers and cheers from the audience.  As the NRE coaches and teammates look forward to the rest of the 2014 season, they are optimistic about all that is to come.  The next swim meet will find our swimmers back on home turf on Thursday, September 18, at 5:00 PM, in a match-up against Cloquet – Esko- Carlton.  This promises to be a very exciting meet.  The team would be proud to have you support them as they challenge themselves and other swimmers to new levels of success!  Come and cheer them on to VICTORY!

Nighthawk News September 5, 2014

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Monday, September 8 News

Tonight there are many after school activities at Northeast Range!


Join us at 4:00 in the Media Center for an informational iPad Meeting.

iPad Form for Students 2014-1015

The School Board meeting will be held at 5:00 after the iPad meeting.

The volleyball match is tonight against Carlton.

Have a great evening!

Mrs. Engman

Activity bus Sept 8-12

Monday – After volleyball game
Tuesday – 5:30
Wed. – 4:30
Thur. – After volleyball game
Fri. – After football game

Football Schedule Change


Football Schedule Change:  The home football game scheduled for Thursday, August 28 will now be played in Chisholm at 7:00.  Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

The football game on September 5 will be a home game at 3:15 vs. the South Ridge Panthers.

Watch the  September 5th game online at!



Northeast Range Events are on the Web!

Exciting news!  Northeat Range will now be using a website/application called High School Cube to broadcast events online.  The first scheduled event is on Tuesday, August 26 for the first home vollebyall game vs. Cromwell.  Go to and enter Northeast Range in the search box to view the live and upcoming events scheduled for our school.


Now you can support the Nighthawks when you can’t attend the games or events!  Download the High School Cube application on your iPad or tablet, cell phone, or go to the website on your computer.


Go Nighthawks!