District Wide Winter Kindergarten Transition Events,  scheduled for January 2016 at each school: 


Northeast Range:

Tower-Soudan Elementary: 

South Ridge: 

North Woods: 

Kindergarten Transition events are free for Fall 2016 Kindergarten students and their parents.  To be eligible for Kindergarten, a child must turn 5 on or before 9-1-2016 and have completed early childhood screening.  Each year, all elementary school buildings host winter and spring  Kindergarten Transition Nights for incoming Kindergarten students and their parents.  The evenings include activities, games, stories, a snack and much more.  These evenings encourage families to interact with the Kindergarten teachers and other school staff and become more familiar with the school building.  Parents are given information about the Kindergarten teachers’ expectations.  Teachers are available to answer any questions parents may have.  For more information, please contact your local school or call DaNeil Sirjord at 749-3108, x 1116.


Kindergarten Registration!

Kindergarten Registration will be handled through our Learning Readiness Preschool Program in March/April.  If your child is not attending our preschool program, please make sure we have your contact information so we can make sure you receive paper work to register your child for Kindergarten.Please call or email DaNeil at 218-749-8130 or by email We need: Parent and child’s names, child’s birthday, address, phone number, and if you have an email, we would like that too! Remember Kindergarten is all day, every day, and there are no fees to attend!

Cherry School    218-258-8991

North  Woods School     218-666-5221

Northeast Range School     218-827-3101

South Ridge School     218-345-6789

Tower-Soudan School      218-753-4040